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Paul Langland


New York University:

1983-present: Faculty - NYU, Tisch School of the Arts, Dept. of Drama, Undergraduate, Experimental Theater Wing; New York, NY.

2012-present: Arts Professor.

2004-2012: Associate Arts Professor.

1994-2004: Master Teacher.

1992-2012: Founding Faculty - ITW (International Theater Workshop). NYU Summer Theater Program. Director, Kevin Kuhlke; Tisch School of the Arts, Dept. of Drama, Undergraduate, Experimental Theater Wing; Amsterdam, Netherlands.

1989-1994: Full Time Studio Faculty.

1983-1989: Core Adjunct Studio Faculty.



National, International Workshops/Residencies:

June, 2017. Workshop Presenter for Karinne Keithley Syer's Eileen and The Lydian Gale Parr workgroup. New Dramatists, 424 West 44th Street, New York, NY.

January 9, 2016: Faculty, Meredith Monk Company Workshop - New York, NY (

2014-2015: Visiting Professor/Director - New Mexico School for the Arts; Santa Fe, NM. Classes in contact improvisation and directing and remounting The Huddle by Simone Forti and The Rally from Quarry by Meredith Monk

1979-2013: Faculty - Meredith Monk/the House Foundation for the Arts Company Workshops. Company master classes held in New York, NY; Brussels, Belgium; Philadelphia, PA (Temple University); Boulder, CO (Naropa Institute). Specialist in remounting dance and choral work from company repertory.

March 21, 28, 2011: Master Classes Instructor - Culturehub at La MaMa E.T.C..Live-feed studio theater classes with students at the Seoul Institute of the Arts, S. Korea and used NYU students to model work; New York, NY.

Jan. 2011: Workshop Presenter - "Teachers Teaching Teachers" Conference; New York, NY. Organized by Jennifer Monson and DD Dorvillier.

Dec. 2010: Guest Instructor - Santa Fe School for the Arts; Santa Fe, NM.

Aug. 2010: Workshop Presenter - "Contactfestival" dance festival; Freiburg, Germany.

June 2010: Workshop Intensive Presenter - "CI (Contact Improvisation) Ground Research" Conference; Earthdance; Plainfield, MA.

June 2010: Conference Presenter - "CI (Contact Improvisation) in the Academy;" Connecticut College; New London, CT. Paul Langland's "The First Class" workshop opened this conference.

Jan. 2010:  Workshop Presenter – Inaugural Santa Fe Regional Contact Improvisation Jam; Santa Fe, NM.

May 2009:  Workshop Presenter- Rockridge School (Vancouver, BC); New York, NY.

Jan. 2009:  Workshop Presenter – Contact Improvisation Inauguration Jam, Dance Place Studios; Washington, D.C.

July 2008:  Workshop Presenter– Allan Wayne Work; Allernona, Italy.

July 2008:  Workshop Presenter/Panel Moderator – “CI36 International Contact Improvisation Conference;" Juniata College; Huntingdon, PA.

Dec 2006:  Workshop Presenter- Stone Soup Theater; New York, NY.

Jan. 2004:  Artist–in-Residence – Luther College; Decorah, Iowa. Included performance of Four Solos by Paul Langland.

Oct. 2003. Also 2002, 2000, 1990:  Artist-in-Residence:  Amherst College Dept. of Theater “Dance Institute”; Amherst, MA. Workshop Presenter, Master Classes, performances of Heat and Getting Ready to Really Leave.

Aug. 3–4, 2003:  Master Class Instructor – Boundless Improvisation Workshop; Big Sur, CA. Included performance of Heat.

July 2003:  Master Class Instructor – David Zambrano Dance Intensive; Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Included a performance of Storyteller.

April 26, 2003:  Master Class Instructor – Holderness Theater Co.; New York, NY.

2003:  Workshop Presenter – Healing Gifts Center; New York, NY.

2002; 1986:  Workshop Presenter – Movement Research Studies Project; New York, NY.

Jan. 2002:  Workshop Presenter – Stone Soup Theater; New York, NY.

April 2001:  Artist-in-Residence – Univ. of California, Davis, CA. Included master classes and performances of Animas (premiere) and Heat in the UC Davis Arena Theater.

1986–2000:  Workshop Presenter – Movement Research; New York, NY. Presented workshops and classes in many, not all, of these years.

1999:  Artist-in-Residence – Cornell Univ. Dance Dept.; Ithaca, NY.

Oct. 1998:  Workshop Presenter and Performer – Fourth Annual Berkshire Improvisation Festival; Sheffield, MA.

March 1998:  Artist-in-Residence – Eastern Mennonite University; Harrisonburg, VA.

Nov. 1997:  Workshop Presenter – “Physical and Emotional Flow in the Work of Allan Wayne;” The National Association for Drama Therapy Annual Conference; NYU; New York, NY.

1996:  Artist-in-Residence – Montreal International Dance Intensive, Tangente Dance Center; Montreal, Canada.

1996-1998:  Allan Wayne Work Master Classes. Rebecca Holderness Theater Company: New York, NY.

1996:  Workshop Presenter – “Physical and Emotional Flow in the Work of Allan Wayne;” National Dance Therapy Association Annual Conference; Columbia Teachers’ College; New York, NY.

1995, 1994, 1993:  Faculty – Outfall Dance Workshops; Santa Cruz, CA.

1994:  Artist-in-Residence – Teatro Nacional; Havana, Cuba. Core Faculty and Performer for International Contemporary Dance Festival.

1991:  Workshop Intensive Presenter – ADF (American Dance Festival); Soeul, Korea. First classes in Contact Improvisation in Korea.

1990:  Artist-in-Residence – Balletinstitut; Gothenberg, Sweden.

1990:  Artist-in-Residence – International Theaterschool Festival; Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Performance of NYU production of Normal Kansas (Steve Wangh, asst. dir.). Cast of 14 NYU drama majors.

1990:  Artist-In Residence – January Dance Intensive, Skidmore College; Saratoga Springs, NY.

1990:  Artist-in-Residence – ACDFA (American College Dance Festival Assn.); Univ. of Texas; Denton, TX.

1990, 1989:  Artist-in-Residence – Il Festival di Danza Postmodernista; Caracas, Venezuela.

1990:  Artist-in-Residence – University of Alabama; Tuscaloosa, ALA.

1990:  Artist-in-Residence – University of Southern Mississippi; Hattiesburg, MISS.

1990:  Artist-in-Residence – Tulane University; New Orleans, LA.

1989:  Workshop Presenter/Panel Moderater– ACDFA (American College Dance Festival Assn.); Univ. of Alabama; Tuscaloosa, ALA.

1989:  Artist-in-Residence – SUNY Annual Dance Conference, SUNY Albany; Albany, NY.

1988:  Artist-in-Residence – Chaos Festival, School for New Dance Development; Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

1984 – 1986:  Workshop Intensive Presenter – DanceTheaterDance; Northampton, MA. Other faculty included: Anne Bogart, Kevin Kuhlke, Susan Milani.

1986:  Workshop Presenter – Expo ’86 Dance Festival; Vancouver, Canada.

1983–1986:  Workshop Intensive Presenter – Jo Lechay Studios; Montreal, Canada.

1985, 1984 &1983:  Artist-in-Residences – Pour la Dance; Geneva, Switzerland.

1983–1985 & 1978:  Guest Faculty – Hampshire College; Amherst, MA.

1976-1992:  Studio Director, Workshop Intensive Presenter – Paul Langland Studio; New York, NY. Classes in Allan Wayne Work and Contact Improvisation.

1974-1977:  Senior Center Recreation Aid – Employed by New York City Housing Authority, Catholic Charities, Presbyterian Senior Services.

1977:  Workshop Presenter – First International Contact Improvisation Festival; Putney, Vermont.